Most likely "Yes" and not just any lawyer. You need a lawyer that is skilled in representing people charged with DUI. There are many lawyers who take DUI cases, however, there are only a few who actually litigate motion hearings, try cases before a judge or jury, and have the specialized training on the science involved to adequately evaluate your situation. Take the job of finding a good DUI lawyer very seriously because if you make the wrong choice, that decision may adversely affect your life, your reputation, and your future. No matter how smart you are, you cannot defend yourself against a DUI charge as effectively as a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced DUI trial lawyer.
Do I need a lawyer to help me
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How to Choose the Right DUI Lawyer

Specialized DUI Advocacy & Evidence Training?

Steve Baxley knows that it is hard to find the right lawyer for your case. Much of the difficulty lies in how some lawyers advertise. Many criminal defense lawyers say that they are “aggressive.” As a former prosecutor in the 4th largest county in the country, Steve knows that this phrase is meaningless. Some “aggressive” lawyers choose to act very questionably in dealings with courts and prosecutors. As such, they are often much less effective.

Moreover, many lawyers claim that they do DUI defense work even if they have very little actual DUI trial experience. While it is true that many cases can be resolved with an acceptable outcome by plea bargaining, a true DUI defense lawyer has the experience and specialized training to effectively evaluate your case and take it to trial if it is best to do so. Don’t choose a lawyer to represent you based on their advertising clichés. With your liberty, money, and reputation on the line, you deserve more than that!

Former DUI Prosecutor?

​​What about location? Clients often ask, "Should I hire someone from the county where I’m charged?" In 20 years of practice, Steve has come to understand that there is not a “one size fits all” answer for this question. If a defendant knows there is no way to beat or reduce their case, and they just want to plead guilty and get it over, then a local lawyer may be the best option. But in handling thousands of DUI cases, Steve has seen very few where the outcome is set in stone at the beginning. So, office location is usually not the best deciding factor in hiring a lawyer. The better approach is to look for the right “fit.”

When hiring a DUI lawyer to represent you, it is often a bad idea to hire the first law firm you call or the closest to your home. The truth is that there are many good lawyers in this country. But not every good lawyer is a great fit for all cases. Of course you have to look for experience and training. But equally important is how you feel about the lawyer you choose. What does your gut tell you about this lawyer? Can you trust him or her with your freedom? Can you be honest with him or her? These questions are key.
? What About Attorney Fees
Legal fees to hire a DUI defense lawyer to represent you after your arrest can vary from lawyer to lawyer. As with all economic equations, "supply and demand" for the best lawyers affects the cost of their services. Paying attorney fees may seem like a great expense at first, but compared to putting a DUI on your record, it is minor.

Some DUI attorneys charge low fees because their business style depends on high volume and quick guilty pleas. These attorneys approach DUI defense like an assembly line and usually encourage clients to plead guilty very early. Others opt to fully investigate the allegations and evidence to carefully evaluate and prepare a solid defense, if possible. Unfortunately, if you plead guilty to DUI, and put a drunk-driving conviction on your record, it is going to be there for LIFE, and you can't have a “do over” later.

Steve Baxley will never be the cheapest attorney in town. But, the fees for Steve’s representation is in line with a history of proven reputation and outstanding case results. Steve has been a DUI prosecutor and has a great deal of trial experience. Moreover, he has sought out very advanced and specialized trial advocacy and DUI evidence training. His published articles on criminal defense tactics have been used to train other lawyers across the country. When he agrees to represent you, he is in 100%.  Steve will put this experience, training, and expertise to work to find the best possible defense.

At the Baxley Law Office, we charge flat fees for the various stages of your DUI defense, which means that you will know—upfront—exactly how much your legal representation will cost. There will never be additional hourly costs, travel fees, or other hidden expenses.